Scalable, hyper-personalized experiences 1-to-1 Personalization

Optimize the omnichannel customer journey to build rich layers of adaptive recommendations, CTAs, and notifications that turn more of your customers into your best customers.

Personalized experiences with powerful results

It’s now possible to treat customers as individuals, at scale. Combine your customer data with third-party data — including behavioral, attribute, and location—to ensure customers get the hyper-personalized shopping experience that is exactly right for them.

1-to-1 personalization is possible with Monetate’s powerful decisioning engine.

1-to-1 Personalization

Omnichannel delivery across the full customer journey

Monetate can power consistent, personalized experiences at every touchpoint — across all your digital properties, at your call centers, and even in store.

Automated insights to fuel 1-to-1 marketing personalization

Monetate’s automation drives increased understanding of your individual customers, not just increased performance. Measurements and insights are directly incorporated so you can get clarity on what drives desirable or undesirable behavior, and track the reactions of specific segments.