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Simplify the delivery of modern, connected commerce capabilities that drive increased conversion and brand loyalty with the Kibo eCommerce Solution

Empowered Marketing Teams

Kibo eCommerce software is designed to enable business users to launch new promotions, create landing pages, or publish new content—without burdening IT resources. Kibo helps your teams work smarter with native tools and functionality for reducing site administration time.

  • Rapid Deployment: Create new sites or rebrand your entire eCommerce site in just a few days with drag-and-drop interfaces
  • Out Of The Box Widgets: Easily deploy new products, promotions, or content within minutes
  • Save Time: 50% reduction in time spent managing content with an intuitive CMS
  • Free Up Capacity: Optimize your resources by reducing site maintenance time
Kibo eCommerce Solutions - Kibo Omnichannel Commerce Solutions
Kibo eCommerce Solutions - Kibo Omnichannel Commerce Solutions

Mobile First Design. Always.

Kibo eCommerce software is the only leading eCommerce solution developed in the smartphone and tablet era—designed to enable connected experiences across all devices. Automatically create responsive or adaptive mobile sites that are visually and functionally consistent with traditional desktop experiences, resulting in higher engagement and conversion.

  • Peak Mobile Sales: Experience up to 42% increase in mobile eCommerce sales
  • Streamline Navigation: Utilize Hyper theming engine and templates to improve customer experiences
  • Lift Mobile Conversions: Effortlessly create responsive and adaptive experiences to increase mobile conversions by up to 39%
  • Consistent Branding: Develop lightweight mobile apps using our mobile SDK without compromising brand experience

Uncompromised Performance & Results

What matters most is a blazing fast site experience for your customers—resulting in increased engagement and conversion. Kibo’s eCommerce platform performance is made possible through a modern architecture including distributed caching and a partial page cache that drives faster load times, increased reliability, and quicker results.

  • Unparalleled Site Speed: Kibo sites have 5x to 7x faster page load times than other eCommerce platforms
  • Measurable ROI: Experience triple digit returns with payback periods in months
  • Predictable Reliability: Industry best 99.9% up time – guaranteed
Kibo eCommerce - Kibo Omnichannel Commerce Solutions
Kibo eCommerce Solution - Kibo Omnichannel Commerce Solutions

Seamless and Extensible eCommerce

The Kibo eCommerce solution is a modern, multi-tenant SaaS eCommerce platform which allows for easy deployment, effortless upgrades, and extensibility. As new features and functionality are released, clients can upgrade individual tenants or opt for continuous delivery – ensuring your organization is always on the latest and most up-to-date commerce technology.

  • Future-Proof Your Business: Modern SaaS architecture ensures scale and security while eliminating costly upgrades
  • Unmatched Extensibility: Find innovative retail technology with pre-built and one-click install integrations from Kibo’s partner ecosystem and App Marketplace
  • Fully Integrated: Tested and proven integrations with Kibo Real Time Individualization (RTI), Order Management and Mobile Point of Commerce (mPOC) for seamless end-to-end customer experiences

The Most Powerful eCommerce Platform Available

Kibo eCommerce software provides advanced features and capabilities designed to engage your buyers

Simplify the management of promotions, pricing, and search through retail’s most advanced and intuitive interface designed for creating efficient marketing and eCommerce teams.

Ensure your eCommerce website is found by online search engines with designs and page layouts optimized for SEO. Upon arriving to your site, present new or returning customers with an unlimited number of discount combinations, personalized offers, and search results—influencing them to return and buy again. Become the agile seller by creating unique customer experiences and pivoting when required by leveraging industry-leading capabilities.

  • Utilize built-in SEO features such as URL routing or custom XML maps to ensure your website is found and prominently displayed by search engines
  • Personalized search results and promotions to convert more buyers
  • Easily manage pricing, discounts, and coupons to ensure continued sales growth
  • Provide optimal search results with dynamic categories, faceted navigation, and search tuning functionality
Kibo eCommerce Solutions - Kibo Omnichannel Commerce Solutions
Smarter Product Management

Precise organization of the products you sell, regardless of where and how you sell them. Effortlessly upload images, define categories and attributes, and even optimize content for better search engine results. Advanced tools allow cataloging products across all online and in-store channels.

  • Master catalog simplifies inventory and product management by location
  • Create and manage product data across all stores, channels and locations
  • Manage your way with unlimited categories, attributes, bundles, and components
  • Manage every sales channel with a location-based inventory view
Kibo eCommerce Solutions - Kibo Omnichannel Commerce Solutions
Total Customer Management

Access a single, unified view of your customers. Optimize marketing programs with easy segmentation for targeted promotions, programs and reporting—all in one place.

  • Create and manage customer accounts including authenticated vs anonymous shoppers
  • Segment customers by any number of attributes
  • View order history and wish lists
  • Manage addresses and payment information
Kibo eCommerce Solutions - Kibo Omnichannel Commerce Solutions

Kibo honors the final step in online transaction with soft carts and on-page checkouts, to maintain the ease of the experience and reduce distractions from the end goal—allowing the customer to complete their order with ease. Once a customer has filled their cart with your products, they are guaranteed a painless checkout experience.

  • Persistent checkout experience and shopping cart across devices
  • Multiple shipping methods, omnichannel fulfillment, and returns
  • Easy payment options with integrated payment gateways and PCI compliant credit card storage
  • Personalize the experience with registered guest checkout options and targeted promotions in the checkout process
Kibo eCommerce Solutions - Kibo Omnichannel Commerce Solutions

Kibo helps us empower our customers and drive loyalty with a seamless Bluefly experience and access to the best designer brands and fashion trends. We believe Kibo is the eCommerce platform of the future.

Carly Rosenberg, President, Bluefly

Learn how to start delivering connected, personalized customer experiences today.

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